The first in the award-winning Channel 4 current affairs series 'Unreported World' will feature the neglected tropical disease of leprosy as reporter Seyi Rhodes meets remarkable people fighting back against debilitation and stigma in India. Much of the film features surgeons and patients at one of India's largest leprosy hospitals, funded and run by The Leprosy Mission.

Senior surgeon Dr Premal Das reveals that Naini hospital, near Allahabad, saw over 2,000 new leprosy cases last year. The film features his patients, including 16-year-old Pooja, as she undergoes surgery to correct deformities in her hand. The crew follows Pooja home after weeks in hospital; a sensitive journey as her community is aware she has had leprosy and she does not know if they will accept her back.

The film will be 'geounblocked' following transmission, which means that for the first time people throughout the world will be able to watch the programme via the web on the Channel 4 site.

About leprosy

Leprosy is a mildly infectious disease which attacks the nerves. Since 1982 there has been a very effective cure for leprosy, called multidrug therapy. If treated early there will be no long-term damage, but if treatment is delayed the person may develop permanent nerve damage and disability. Because of the discrimination associated with the disease, a diagnosis of leprosy can lead to loss of home, work or marriage prospects.

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