Tobacco sponsorship of motor sports is an efficient way to reach boys and young men, but now the world's third largest tobacco producer has found another way to promote smoking.

Japan Tobacco has launched two mobile trailers named 'SmoCar' so smokers can enjoy a smoke even when smoking is not allowed in public places, writes Professor Hiroshi Kawane in a letter to this week's BMJ (British Medical Journal).

'SmoCar 2' travelled to event locations throughout Japan last year, such as the classic-car race event in Gunma prefecture and the 37th Tokyo Motor Show. Japan Tobacco claims that these special trailers have been developed as part of the company's initiative for increased co-existence between smokers and non-smokers in public spaces.

Professor Kawane says: "I think secondhand smoke combined with exhaust fumes from 'SmoCar' has become a health hazard for non-smokers in the vicinity of the car."


Professor Hiroshi Kawane, Japanese Red Cross Hiroshima College of Nursing, Hatsukaichi City, Japan Email:

(Letter: Japan Tobacco Incorporated has found a new way of promoting tobacco in motor sports) bmj/cgi/content/full/329/7461/352

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