Climate change is about people. Every day we at WFP see the effects of The ravages of weather-related hunger on the people we assist. Every day we see people suffer from droughts and floods. Every year the situation gets worse.

Over the past few decades, we have completed thousands of Adaptation programmes with communities whose food supply was threatened by climatic changes. The plight of the record 1 billion hungry affects us all.

Climate change is a crisis multiplier - on the heels of the food And financial crises, weather-related hunger is now hitting poor and hungry communities with a vengeance. The hunger UN Millennium Development Goal is now the most threatened, losing serious ground as over 150 million more people have joined the ranks of the urgently hungry in the past two years.

WFP joins the UN Secretary General in his strong call for action on Climate change. I am pleased to take part in his Leadership Forum on 22 September, where WFP will challenge the global community to focus attention on the human face of climate change - hunger.

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