When clocks "spring forward" at 2:00 a.m. on the first Sunday in April, most Americans lose an hour of sleep. And for those who are already in a sleep slump, losing an extra hour can add to the negative consequences of lack of sleep.

According to nationally renowned sleep expert, Dr. James B. Maas, past chairman of the Department of Psychology at Cornell University and author of best-selling book "Power Sleep," this is not surprising. "Millions of Americans suffer from loss of sleep, but may not realize it," said Dr. Maas. "Even a loss of an hour a day can severely impact their daily lives. The good news is, by following some simple steps they can be on the road to achieving an uninterrupted, restful night of sleep."

The 2005 National Sleep Foundation "Sleep in America" poll found that 71 percent of American adults are getting less than eight hours of sleep per weeknight. Not getting enough sleep can result in slower reaction time, mood shifts, reduced creativity and ability to concentrate, remember, think logically, multi-task and communicate clearly. On the other hand, a good sleep regimen can help reduce stress, increase energy, alertness, productivity, efficiency and effectiveness, enhance emotional well-being and improve your moods.

In a call-to-action to help consumers understand the value of making up for that lost hour of sleep, TYLENOL® PM is offering a new tool to help: a free "Lights Out" calling service. By dialing 1-866-448-9579, starting March 27, callers can sign up to receive sleep tips from Dr. Maas that will help shake them out of their sleep slump and remind them to get a good night's sleep. Callers can also enter to win an Ultimate Bedroom Sleep Environment, designed by Dr. Maas, by logging onto www.tylenol after March 27.

Straightening Up Your Sleep Slump

According to a recent survey conducted by the makers of TYLENOL® PM, Americans are suffering from some signs that may be associated with sleeplessness: needing an alarm clock to wake up (55 percent), being tired, irritable and stressed during the week (36 percent), concentrating and remembering (26 percent), hitting the snooze button repeatedly (21 percent) and having trouble and feeling slow with critical thinking, problem solving and creativity (17 percent). Other signs Americans suffer from include falling asleep while watching TV (44 percent), within five minutes of getting into bed (40 percent), or after heavy meals (25 percent), needing a nap to get through the day (19 percent), the presence of dark circles around the eyes (13 percent) and feeling drowsy while driving (11 percent).

Dr. Maas' Golden Rules of Sleep:

For people who are experiencing three or more symptoms of a "sleep slump," Dr. Maas recommends they follow these Golden Rules of Sleep:

-- Get enough sleep every night. Most adults require seven to nine hours, but most miss that mark. As a general rule, most probably need one more hour than they are currently getting.

-- Establish a regular sleep schedule. Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day (without an alarm clock), including weekends and holidays.

-- Get continuous block of sleep. Six hours of solid sleep is more beneficial than eight hours of poor, fragmented sleep.

-- Make up for lost sleep.

-- Stop smoking.

-- Get exercise and keep mentally stimulated during the day.

-- Use a non-habit forming sleep aid such as TYLENOL® PM for pain with accompanying sleeplessness, which won't leave you feeling groggy in the morning.


TYLENOL® PM is non-habit-forming, relieves your pain and helps you sleep-so you feel refreshed the next day. TYLENOL® PM is the number one doctor and pharmacist recommended non-prescription brand for pain with accompanying sleeplessness. TYLENOL® PM is available as Vanilla Liquid, Vanilla Caplets, Caplets, Geltabs and Gelcaps.


SIMPLY SLEEP® is a non-habit-forming sleep aid product created for those nights when you simply want to sleep. It contains no pain reliever. SIMPLY SLEEP® is available in caplet form.

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