Leading elder care expert Doctor Marion® , author of "Elder Care Made Easier," released video footage on her web site and AGIS, featuring Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney, and Fred Thompson discussing caregiving and aging in America during the Iowa caucuses. Doctor Marion recently returned from Iowa to raise awareness for the millions of baby boomers caring for aging parents. Her goal is to reinforce the need for the presidential candidates to make the issue a national priority.

According to Doctor Marion, as our population lives longer than ever, our country faces a "caregiving tsunami" - presenting a challenge for our next president unlike any that has come before. She spoke about how this will shape the future of our nation with Clinton, Romney, and Thompson, and with John McCain, Barack Obama, and John Edwards. Doctor Marion also asked the candidates for their specific plans to protect America's caregivers.

"I went to Iowa to shake the candidates and America by the shoulders, and tell them that this issue is not going to go away," said Doctor Marion. "Their response was encouraging, but there is so much more that needs to be done beyond Social Security and Medicare reforms. We need to be thinking not only of our seniors, but of the 80 million baby boomers currently ill-prepared to care for them."

Find out what Clinton, Romney, and Thompson had to say about their plans to deal with the caregiving tsunami at doctormarion. To speak with Doctor Marion about her conversations with the candidates and the caregiving challenges facing baby boomers today, contact Jesson Burnam at 609-279-0050 x104 or jessonresoundmarketing.

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An experienced, nationally recognized geriatric care manager with over three decades of experience, Marion Somers, Ph.D., (Doctor Marion) has provided care for more than 2,000 elderly clients while owning and operating a thriving Geriatric Care Management practice. She has also written a book, "Elder Care Made Easier," and her website, doctormarion, provides a wealth of information, including free access to tips, videos, interactive message boards, and more.

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