A 23-month old Mexican toddler who was taken by his parents into the USA for treatment has died in Texas of swine flu, according to authorities. In an interview with CNN, Kathy Barton, of the Houston Dept. of Health said "The child came to Houston for medical treatment. The family had traveled to South Texas. The child became ill and they transported the child to Houston for medical care."

There is currently no information as to what part of Mexico the toddler was from.

President Obama has said authorities should seriously consider shutting down schools where swine flu is suspected. The President said "This is obviously a serious situation, serious enough to take the utmost precautions."

The child had crossed the border into Brownsville, Texas, USA. He was later taken to Houston after becoming ill. The child died on Monday night. Other countries confirm cases of swine flu Austria and Germany have confirmed cases of swine flu infection among humans, adding to the existing ones already in Spain (4) and the United Kingdom (5). Germany has confirmed three cases, while Austria has confirmed one. All three Germans had recently returned from Mexico, while the Austrian had returned from Guatemala, stopping in Mexico City and Miami on the way home. Authorities in both Germany and Austria say their patients are responding to treatment and are recovering.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has called an emergency meeting to reconsider the current pandemic alert level. WHO has seen a jump in cases and wants an evaluation carried out by outside experts. They stressed that the emergency meeting does not mean there will be an automatic raising of the alert level.

In New Zealand the total confirmed number of cases has gone up to 14. Thirteen of them had recently returned from a school trip to Mexico. All 14 are responding well to treatment and are in voluntary quarantine at home. 44 other possible cases are being investigated in New Zealand.

Mexican Authorities say the number of suspected swine flu human deaths is probably well over 150, with 2,400 confirmed infected cases. Mexican TV news programs report that treatment is not a problem in Mexico, but getting access to laboratory tests to confirm cases is in some areas.

WHO has confirmed a minimum of 105 cases outside Mexico - 66 of them in the USA.

WHO needs to determine how exactly the virus spreads, how human health is affected, and what the best treatment is. Experts from the USA, Europe and Mexico will conference by telephone. Further information on Swine Flu See a Map Of H1N1 Outbreaks See our Mexico Swine Flu Blog

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